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The Best Cruise Lines for Kids

What are the best cruise lines for kids? Almost all of the best cruise lines offer special programs geared towards children of all ages, but some go the extra mile. It's all about the family experience, and the cruise lines listed here make the effort to accommodate all passengers, young and old. Vote for your favorites and, if you see any cruise lines are missing, add them.

The best cruise lines for families often include supervised activities for kids. Babysitting services, or "group sitting," is also offered, allowing mom and dad some much-needed down time together. From special playrooms to outdoor jungle gyms and wading pools, cruise lines like Disney and Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) make sure that any children on board are never, ever bored. Kids can often take part in karaoke contests, learn various arts and crafts and spend time watching great movies with other children their age. Some cruise lines also have ice skating rinks and movie theaters on their ships, to keep the kiddos busy for hours.

But what about the older kids, the tweens and the teens? Many cruise lines are adding special programs just for this age group. In addition, video game rooms and teen clubs are popping up on these mega-ships. Youth counselors are also often on board, to help out when needed. Teens need a place where they can hang out away from their parents *and* away from their baby brothers and sisters, after all.

The key when considering a cruise line for a family vacation is entertainment: Does the ship offer specific activities for kids, and for families? These are just some of the most important things to consider in a vacation destination. If so, then prepare to set sail!