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The Best Cruiserweight Boxers of All Time

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The best cruiserweight boxers of all time are the best boxers who ever competed, and did quite well, at this weight limit, which sits between light heavyweight and heavyweight classes. These top cruiserweight boxers are not just the best in their class, which is currently limited to 176-200 pounds, but also some of the best boxers of all time. Have a favorite cruiserweight boxer? Vote for your picks below, add any not listed or re-rank this list of the best cruiserweight boxers!

As much as all of these boxers are immensely talented, there is a clear favorite for the best cruiserweight boxer of all time. Evander Holyfield pretty much has that title on a lock. He's easily the best to have ever fought in this class as proven by when he became the first universally recognized World Cruiserweight Champion in 1988.

Now few of the other lads on this list will ever reach the level of success that Holyfield did, but that doesn't mean that they are chopped liver either. Carlos De León, for example, held the Lineal & WBC Championships prior to Holyfield. Johnny Nelson was the WBO Cruiserweight Champion for over seven years. Marco Huck defended his WBO Cruiserweight Championship 12 times.

Clearly all of these boxers are talented and really, they'd have to be to make it onto a list of the best cruiserweight boxers ever.