The Best Cult Comedy Movies

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The best cult comedy movies come in many forms and span across decades. Some good cult comedies are silly and over the top while other new cult comedies feature dry, sarcastic humor. Many of the best cult comedies were box office bombs that grew in popularity over time.


What films will you find on this top cult comedies movies list? Clerks has to be near the top. Kevin Smith's 1994 masterpiece found the funny in the mundane aspects of the everyday life of two cashiers. The film also marked the first appearance of the director's signature characters, Jay and Silent Bob. This Is Spinal Tap is another hilarious cult comedy beloved by fans of rock music.

The Big Lebowski may just be the most quotable cult comedy movie of all time. Other good cult comedy films include Shaun of the Dead, The Blues Brothers, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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