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The Best 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Episodes

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With all the good episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm that exist, it's hard to trust just one person's opinion of what the best Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes of all time are. Fans of Curb Your Enthusiasm are very passionate about the show, and there are often debates over which episodes are the greatest. Do you like "Palestinian Chicken" the best, or is "Beloved Aunt" your favorite episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm? That's why this list of Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes exists - so you can vote for your favorites and we can find out once and for all what everyone thinks the best episodes are.

Curb Your Enthusiasm follows the ups and downs of the life and times of Larry David, who plays a fictionalized version of himself. The show was developed from a one-hour special David had done with HBO in 1999. Curb Your Enthusiasm premiered on HBO on October 15, 2000. After the eight season ended in 2011 the series went on a hiatus of six years, returning with a ninth season in 2017 and a tenth in 2020.

Vote up your favorite episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and vote down any bad episodes that you really didn't enjoy, despite how much you love the series as a whole. It can be painful to put one Curb Your Enthusiasm episode over the other when there are so many good ones, which is why you can vote on however many episodes you like.

 What is the best Curb Your Enthusiasm episode of all time? Look below and find out.

  • 1

    Palestinian Chicken

    July 24, 2011

    Season 8, Episode 3

    A Palestinian chicken restaurant is incredibly popular with Larry and his friends despite its open hostility towards Jews and Israel. Meanwhile, Larry's approached to inform people that their habits
  • 2

    The Car Pool Lane

    February 8, 2004

    Season 4, Episode 6

    To get to a Dodgers game, Larry finds a creative way to use the HOV lane. Then, he finds himself in a bit of trouble when he gets his father medicinal marijuana.
  • 3

    The Doll

    November 4, 2001

    Season 2, Episode 7

    At the screening of a miniseries, the young daughter of a TV executive asks Larry to cut the hair off a beloved doll. When he complies, she becomes very upset. To remedy the situation, Larry and Jeff
  • 4

    The Black Swan

    November 1, 2009

    Season 7, Episode 7

    Larry has bad luck on the same golf hole twice.
  • 5

    The Grand Opening

    November 17, 2002

    Season 3, Episode 10

    Larry figures out a way to fire a chef, and alienate an important restaurant critic, in the days before his new restaurant is scheduled to open. As Susie stews over a misunderstanding with Larry and
  • 6

    The Ida Funkhouser Roadside Memorial

    September 23, 2007

    Season 6, Episode 3

    Marty Funkhouser is outraged when flowers from his mother's memorial are stolen; Larry complains about "sample abusers" in stores; Jeff and Susie find knowing Larry to be a liability when trying to
  • 7

    Krazee-Eyez Killa

    November 3, 2002

    Season 3, Episode 8

    Larry is accused of betraying the confidences of Wanda's boyfriend, Crazy-Eyez Killa, a rapper he met at a party. Later, Larry alienates Jeff's wife Susie by declining her house-tour offer. He
  • 8

    The Ski Lift

    November 20, 2005

    Season 5, Episode 8

    Anticipating having to give a kidney to Richard Lewis, Larry tries to develop a contingency plan should he need a kidney donation himself. Meanwhile, a nurse claims Jeff has some shortcomings.
  • 9

    Funkhouser's Crazy Sister

    September 20, 2009

    Season 7, Episode 1

    Larry attempts a pre-emptive breakup with an ailing Loretta, and learns with Jeff that you can’t make an “empty gesture” to a Funkhouser.
  • 10

    The Freak Book

    October 7, 2007

    Season 6, Episode 5

    Larry is unrattled by a book about freaks and a bad chauffeur.
  • 11

    Beloved Aunt

    December 3, 2000

    Season 1, Episode 8

    When Cheryl's aunt dies, Larry is left in charge of the obituary. But when the newspaper accidentally places ""beloved c*nt"" instead of beloved aunt, things take an expected turn for the worse.  ...more
  • 12

    Trick or Treat

    October 7, 2001

    Season 2, Episode 3

    When Larry and Cheryl attend the premiere of a movie written by a handicapped friend, Cliff Cobb, Larry offends a Jewish neighbor, alienates Cliff (as well as the memory of his salad-inventing
  • 13

    Larry vs. Michael J. Fox

    September 11, 2011

    Season 8, Episode 10

    Larry accuses his neighbor, Michael J. Fox of harassment; Jeff takes a bullet for Susie; Larry gives an inappropriate gift to Elizabeth's son.
  • 14

    Mister Softee

    September 4, 2011

    Season 8, Episode 9

    An ice cream truck triggers a painful childhood memory for Larry.
  • 15

    Denise Handicapped

    October 18, 2009

    Season 7, Episode 5

    Larry believes that he has found a way to enjoy someone else's disability without being disabled himself. Meanwhile, he hopes to end a rumor that Rosie O'Donnell can beat him up.
  • 16

    The Survivor

    March 7, 2004

    Season 4, Episode 9

    Larry and Cheryl prepare to renew their wedding vows; Larry mulls an offer from his dry cleaner.
  • 17

    The Shrimp Incident

    October 14, 2001

    Season 2, Episode 4

    Larry is labeled a misogynist when he believes an HBO Network executive took some shrimp from of his meal, following a mistake in a delivery of Chinese food.
  • 18

    The Table Read

    November 15, 2009

    Season 7, Episode 9

    Larry is miffed at both Marty Funkhouser's sudden presence on set during the Seinfeld reunion's table read and text messages from the nine-year-old daughter of a co-worker. Leon poses as a dead  ...more
  • 19

    The Anonymous Donor

    September 16, 2007

    Season 6, Episode 2

    It's moving day for both the Blacks and the Davids; Larry's prized Joe Pepitone jersey is lost at the dry cleaners; Larry's irked at Ted Danson's anonymous donation; Cheryl is grossed out by a semen
  • 20

    The 5 Wood

    February 1, 2004

    Season 4, Episode 5

    A bag of cashews and rasins threatens Larry's working relationship with David Schwimmer; a dirty locker and a golf club threatens his club membership; Larry gets into a compromising situation with a
  • 21

    Opening Night

    March 14, 2004

    Season 4, Episode 10

    The show travels to New York City as Larry prepares to open on Broadway in "The Producers".  ...more
  • 22

    The Nanny from Hell

    October 6, 2002

    Season 3, Episode 4

    Larry, Cheryl, Jeff and Susie encounter a ""nanny from hell"" whose reign of terror is thwarted by ten sponge cakes. Larry commits a ""penis faux pas"" after a pool party, and Richard Lewis seeks
  • 23

    Vehicular Fellatio

    September 27, 2009

    Season 7, Episode 2

    Against the will of a renowned doctor, Larry tries his best to irritate Loretta. Once again, Larry causes issues in Richard Lewis' new relationship, and, after being unintentionally tipped off by
  • 24

    Officer Krupke

    November 8, 2009

    Season 7, Episode 8

    Larry is forced to embrace his feminine side; Cheryl competes for a Seinfeld role; a law officer has an unusual name.
  • 25

    Porno Gil

    October 29, 2000

    Season 1, Episode 3