The Best Curiosity Rover Tweets That Reveal How Adorably Witty Space Machines Can Be

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The Curiosity Rover landed on Mars in 2012, and has regularly kept earthlings up-to-date on its findings through the Curiosity Rover Twitter account. A goldmine of geeky wit, tweets by the Curiosity Rover are as entertaining as they are informative. The best tweets by the Curiosity Rover detail much more than Martian dunes or craters, although the rover does simply adore the Martian landscape. The Curiosity account knows it occupies a space more alienated than the last Blockbuster account, and takes full advantage of its interstellar placement. Rather than just deliver dry accounts of space dust and traces of water, the best Curiosity Rover tweets brim with a light-hearted enthusiasm that lends itself to tons of positivity and references to pop culture. What other Twitter accounts so seamlessly tie together the red planet and Drake? 

Not only do Rover's Mars tweets reference pop culture, they also give shout-outs to fellow coworkers, both organic and synthetic. If you've never seen one robot compliment another automaton, you need to get looking at the most adorable Curiosity Rover tweets. Wall-E has nothing on Curiosity.