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The Best Products To Transform Your Unruly Curls Into Silky Magic Hair

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Only curly girls know the pain of trying a new product that promises to transform frizzy, kinky hair into a manageable mass of silky curls, only to be let down by yet another cream, shampoo, or conditioner. It can seem like taming your curly hair will be a life-long pursuit, full of discarded products and a dwindling bank account.

But there's good news. After scouring the internet and bathroom cabinets to find the best products for curly hair, a verified collection has emerged. The following coily hair musts have been tested and proven effective by real girls with real curls, so you can feel confident when you click “Add to Cart.” After you've mastered the basics of curly hair care, you can even try a nature-inspired dye job to amp up your look.

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    Moroccanoil's always-sold-out Curl Defining Cream is the perfect mixture of gel and pomade, leaving curls defined but still soft and touchable. 

    This Amazon reviewer says: 

    "LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I have been using this for years. It lasts a really long time; a little goes a very long way. I absolutely love the way it smells and my out of control curls are now more defined and last so much longer."

    Available on Amazon.

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    This Biosilk serum has been a cult-favorite since the '90s for good reason. The formula is an instant de-frizzer and can be used on wet or dry hair. 

    This Amazon reviewer says: 

    "This stuff is just stupid good. Meaning it works too good! Not greasy or heavy and it makes fried hair look shiny and healthy. Smells great too! Leaves me speechless and I wish I had known about it decades ago. I am just wow'ed by it."

    Available on Amazon.

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    Curly Hair Solutions' Curl Keeper Original is specially formulated to combat humidity-related frizz. It even reactivates with water for easy touch-ups.

    One Amazon reviewer says: 

    "This is what I have always needed. I have thick, wavy hair that goes in all directions- this refines it into more uniform waves and controls the frizz. I am so excited that I can let me hair be natural now with minimal effort. You really do need to let it dry fully before touching/moving your hair in order to get the full effect."

    It's available on Amazon.

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    DevaCurl just gets it. Their entire product range is dedicated to taming, de-frizzing, softening, and defining curls. And it works.

    One Amazon reviewer says,

    "[It's] hands down the BEST hair care system I have ever used. These products were recommended by my hair salon and I am obsessed. My curls are livelier and resist frizz all day long [even through] rollercoasters, the beach, convertible car rides, rainy days. These products help your hair stand up to all types of elements."

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