The Best Current A&E Shows

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From true crime to bizarre life experiences, the best A&E shows on now strive to capture a diversity of human life. The best current A&E shows provide real life explorations of things like police encounters, true crime, unsolved mysteries, and more. Which top A&E series are truly the best? Vote below to help decide. 

What are some current shows on A&E worth checking out? The ever popular A&E staple Cold Case Files is still airing, for those with a love for true crime and mystery. Another show centered around enigmas is the new program The Lowe Files, which features Rob Lowe's sons traveling across the country investigating unsolved mysteries. It's also common for A&E programming to deal with topical and somewhat politically charged subject material. Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath and Escaping Polygamy, for example, are both programs that involve the fall out that comes from leaving a strict religious community. Other A&E shows on now include The First 48, Fit to Fat to Fit, and Born This Way. If you're wondering what to watch on A&E, such a diverse range of programs means there's something for everyone. 

Out of all the A&E shows currently airing, which one is the best? Browse the list below to help decide. Give your favorite programs a thumbs up. 

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