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The Best Current ABC Comedy Shows

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Looking for a laugh? These are the very best comedies on ABC, ranked from best to worst by user votes. The best current ABC comedies provide funny business every week, but they also have characters viewers truly care about. With this list of current ABC comedy shows, you can help determine just which current ABC comedy series has the biggest laughs, greatest characters, and best all-around quality.

Which sitcoms can you expect to find on our top current ABC comedy shows list? Thanks to clever writing and a hilarious cast, Black-ish has become a big hit for ABC. The Goldbergs is another current ABC sitcom. Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and Black-ish have been running on ABC for years and they remain fan favorites. Other great ABC comedies currently airing new episodes include The Conners and Home Economics.

Do you have a favorite comedy currently airing on ABC? How does it stack up to the best sitcoms on the air? Vote up the best shows so that they climb to the top of the list and downvote the series that you hope don't stay current for long. If we've missed any great current ABC comedies, add them to the list.

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