The Best Current Animal Planet Shows

Known for educational programs about animals and animal behavior, some of the best Animal Planet shows on now can be as informative as they are entertaining. Wondering how to solve a problem with your dog? Curious just how much truth there is behind tales of mythological animals like unicorns and Bigfoot? In that case, Animal Planet programming is perfect. 

Wondering what to watch on Animal Planet? The currently airing shows on the network cater to a variety of tastes. For lovers of animals and pop culture, check out Animal Nation with Anthony Anderson. The variety show features celebrities and animal experts talking about how they interact with their pets. If you're interested in mythology, both Finding Bigfoot and Expedition Mungo explore the possibility that mythological creatures are actually real. For some practical advice, try At The End of My Leash featuring professional guidance on dog training. 

Which of these popular Animal Planet series it the best? Vote your favorites to the top of the list below. 

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