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The Best Current Anime Airing Right Now

Updated October 7, 2020 4.9k votes 4.1k voters 40.6k views42 items

What is the best current anime that is airing right now in 2020? There's a lot of new anime to take in at the moment, and we want you to rank the best current titles. There are a variety of shows on this list, including long running titles, anime in their second seasons, and brand new anime. You can watch almost all of these shows on Crunchyroll, with many being simulcast so you can watch them live as they air in Japan.

This list is interactive, so new shows will be added as they begin to air. We will also be removing shows once they finish their runs, so don't get too attached! If one of your favorite anime that is currently airing new episodes isn't already included below, feel free to add it to the list so other anime fans can vote it up.