The Best Black Baseball Players Right Now

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The best Black baseball players right now are part of a shrinking minority in the sport. The number of Black professional baseball players has declined in recent years, and Major League Baseball has spent a long time looking into the issue. Leagues like the NBA and NFL perhaps have more appeal these days with flashier stars and often bigger paydays than MLB can offer.

But while the number of Black baseball players has declined, the quality has not, and some of the most famous stars currently playing are Black. Players like former MVPs Mookie Betts, Giancarlo Stanton, and Andrew McCutchen are the kind of marquee players the game is built on. They are joined by young stars such as Aaron Judge and Tommy Pham, who have helped contribute to their teams as much as they have pumped up their own stats.

So help decide who should be first on this list of Black baseball players in the game today. Who is the best Black player in MLB right now? Vote below, and make your choices known.

Most divisive: Franmil Reyes
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  • Mookie Betts

    Mookie Betts

    Right Fielder
    878 votes
    • Teams: Los Angeles Dodgers

    Inarguably one of the most electric players in the game today, Mookie Betts consistently astounds fans and opponents alike with his dazzling combination of speed, power, and defensive acumen. Regarded as a five-tool player, Betts can change the outcome of a game with a breathtaking catch in the outfield, a perfectly timed stolen base, or a crushing home run into the stands. As a beacon for the future of baseball, Betts' on-field theatrics are nothing short of awe-inspiring, and he is undoubtedly one of the MLB's most valuable assets.

  • Aaron Judge

    Aaron Judge

    Right fielder
    696 votes
    • Teams: New York Yankees

    Standing tall at 6-foot-7, Aaron Judge is an imposing figure who commands attention whenever he steps up to the plate. As the centerpiece of the New York Yankees lineup, Judge not only boasts prodigious power but also displays remarkable patience and discipline at the plate, making him a feared opponent for any pitcher. Combining his extraordinary offensive abilities with his underrated defense, Judge is undeniably one of the most impactful black athletes on the diamond today.

  • Ronald Acuna Jr.
    395 votes
    • Teams: Atlanta Braves

    With a blend of natural talent and youthful exuberance, Ronald Acuna Jr. can do it all, from launching mammoth home runs to stealing bases with ease. This dynamic center fielder has quickly emerged as one of baseball's brightest stars, captivating audiences with his infectious energy and seemingly unlimited potential. Acuna is a catalyst for his team, compounding the pressure on opposing pitchers with a lethal combination of power, speed, and guile.

  • Tim Anderson
    618 votes
    • Teams: Chicago White Sox

    Few shortstops can match the sheer energy and confidence that Tim Anderson brings to the field every day. His electrifying style of play, which includes aggressive baserunning and a penchant for clutch hits, has earned Anderson a reputation as a true game-changer. Always eager to rise to the challenge, Anderson's combative approach to the game has endeared him to fans and teammates alike, solidifying his place among the MLB's elite.

  • Byron Buxton
    363 votes
    • Teams: Minnesota Twins

    Defense may be an underrated part of baseball, but Byron Buxton's incredible glove work in center field has turned heads across the league. His seemingly effortless ability to track down fly balls and make difficult catches look routine has earned Buxton numerous accolades. Not to be overlooked is Buxton's speed, which allows him to wreak havoc on the basepaths and make consistent offensive contributions for his team.

  • Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
    First baseman, Third baseman
    206 votes
    • Teams: Toronto Blue Jays

    As the son of a legendary hitter, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has undoubtedly inherited his father's prodigious skills at the plate. The young slugger exudes power and patience beyond his years, making him a nightmare for opposing pitchers. Coupled with his phenomenal fielding prowess, Guerrero Jr. has already staked his claim as one of the sport’s premier talents.