The Best Black Baseball Players Right Now

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The best Black baseball players right now are part of a shrinking minority in the sport. The number of Black professional baseball players has declined in recent years, and Major League Baseball has spent a long time looking into the issue. Leagues like the NBA and NFL perhaps have more appeal these days with flashier stars and often bigger paydays than MLB can offer.

But while the number of Black baseball players has declined, the quality has not, and some of the most famous stars currently playing are Black. Players like former MVPs Mookie Betts, Giancarlo Stanton, and Andrew McCutchen are the kind of marquee players the game is built on. They are joined by young stars such as Aaron Judge and Tommy Pham, who have helped contribute to their teams as much as they have pumped up their own stats.

So help decide who should be first on this list of Black baseball players in the game today. Who is the best Black player in MLB right now? Vote below, and make your choices known.

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