The Best Current Bravo Shows

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From reality television to comedy, current shows on Bravo cover a unique spectrum of entertainment not quite captured anywhere else. The women oriented network features programs about the lives of differing groups of females, from divorcees to unhappy housewives. Wondering what to watch on Bravo? Browse this list to find currently airing programs to enjoy! 

One of the most popular Bravo series is the Real Housewives franchise, which chronicles the misadventures of the wives of affluent men in cities like Atlanta, Beverly Hills, and New Jersey. A guilty pleasure to many, this show is bound to entertain you for a few hours. If you're in the mood for a competitive reality program, Top Chef features cooks competing with one another to make the best possible entrées. With this diverse range of Bravo programming, you're sure to find something that suits your tastes. 

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