The Best Current CBS Shows

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Wondering what to watch on CBS? This list of the best current CBS shows has you covered. From good current CBS series that are dramas to other great CBS series that are comedies, there is a wide range of shows included in this list. And in that all-inclusive spirit, many of the best current CBS TV series are reality competition programs, adventure shows, or news and sports programs. Here, you'll find every CBS series currently airing, ranked by user votes. If you're wondering what's showing on CBS right now, and which shows are the best, look no further.

What are some current shows on CBS you may want to check out? One of the best sitcoms currently airing on CBS has to be the The Big Bang Theory spin-off Young SheldonSurvivor premiered in 2000 and is still running strong to this day, as are other CBS reality shows like Big Brother and The Amazing Race. Other good shows that are featured on this top current CBS TV series list include The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, The Equalizer, and the shows in the NCIS universe.

With so many great CBS shows on now, it's hard to pick just one as the best of the best. Vote your favorite current CBS shows to the top of the list!

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