The Best Current College Basketball Coaches

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Only college basketball coaches coaching right now.

The best current basketball coaches are the wise, talented and experienced men who lead the best men's college basketball teams in the country in 2017-2018. These men lead the NCAA in career wins, have numerous championships under their belt and are among the best college basketball coaches of all time and the highest-paid current college basketball coaches too.

As the decorated head coach of the Duke Blue Devils since 1980, Mike Krzyzewski is easily regarded as the best current college basketball coach today. Set to surpass 1,000 career wins, Coach K as he is fondly known, doesn't just dominate in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament with four titles but also the world as he'd led the US Men's Olympic Basketball Team to two gold medals.

While Krzyzewski is an easy favorite, there are dozens of other stellar college basketball coaches deserving of recognition. Tom Izzo of Michigan State, Roy Williams of North Carolina, Jay Wright of Villanova, and Bill Self of Kansas have all earned respect in the league as the best of the best. But some of the very best coaches don't play in the NCAA Division I. Take Harry Statham of McKendree for example. His over 1,000 wins over nearly 50 years top that of Coach K's yet coaching a Division II school puts him in a different category of elite.

So whether you are ranking the best current college basketball coaches by the number of titles they've won, how they've led your favorite team to a Cinderella run in March Madness or just that they've brought an ailing program back to greatness, surely you can find a way to rank these famous NCAA basketball coaches. Vote for your picks, add any not listed or re-rank this list of the best current college basketball coaches!

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