The Best Crime Shows on TV Right Now

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Television fans love TV crime shows for so many reasons. Crime and criminal shows come in so many shapes and sizes that it can be hard to nail down which one is really the best. Sometimes they're funny, sometimes they're romantic, sometimes they're creepy and sometimes they're pure dramas. Crime shows often include the best TV policemen and detectives, memorable characters with strong problem solving skills. Best of all though, they give us a look at crime from all different angles.

On Blacklist, you see the perspective of a master criminal, while Blue Bloods and The Rookie take fans inside the minds of the law enforcement in charge of catching them.

Some of the best crime series have already come and gone. Shows like The Mentalist and White Collar have ended and great older crime TV shows like The Sopranos and Murder, She Wrote have long since passed into crime show history, while others have stuck around and become the best crime dramas of the past decade. Along the way, viewers have also been subjected to some truly awful crime shows. Luckily, right now, there are plenty of great crime shows to choose from. Whether you like your investigations with a touch of humor or with heaps of suspense, there's something for everyone nowadays when it comes to crime dramas on TV.

Check out this list of the top crime shows currently on TV and upvote the series you think are the greatest.

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