The Best Daytime TV Shows Airing Now

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Vote up your favorite TV shows that are currently airing new episodes during the late-morning and afternoon.

As soap operas become less and less fashionable, those home for long afternoons may wonder what to watch on daytime TV now. While some soapy staples - like General Hospital and Days of Our lives - remain on the afternoon airwaves, what else is there to view if you find yourself home on a weekday? Browse this list to find your new daytime go-to!

The Chew - which replaced the defunct All My Children in 2011 - is great for foodies as its full of recipes and chef interviews. If you love legal drama, many popular daytime TV shows are  courtroom dramas that have dominated for decades like The People's Court, and Judge Judy. Daytime talk shows - like The Talk and The View - are still a favorite. If you're in need of these and other current shows to binge during long afternoons, peruse the daytime TV guide below!