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The Best TV Shows And Movies You Can Watch On DC's Streaming Platform

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DC Universe launched in the early fall of 2018, offering new comic book shows based on DC titles alongside classic animated DC Comics shows and movies. With names like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman - and well, anyone on the Justice League - on their roster, the DC Universe streaming service is full of some of the best comic book shows you can watch right now. They even have shorts and their daily news program DC Daily.

Classic live-action movies and TV shows, like the 1978 Superman film or the 1970s Wonder Woman program, are available right next to new animated films like Gotham By Gaslight (2018). Even guilty pleasure comic book movies like Batman & Robin are available on the DC Universe streaming service. Some of the new original DC Universe TV shows are even bringing back old favorites in a fresh way. Harley Quinn, introduced in the '90s Batman: The Animated Series, has her own cartoon show in 2019. Although the animation style is reminiscent of the "Timmverse" due to her creator Bruce Timm's signature art style, Harley Quinn offers new (mis)adventures Joker and Poison Ivy.

It's not all old favorites, DC Universe has some exciting new original comic book series, such as Doom Patrol. Although the characters are a spin-off from Titans and have shown up in cameos in other DC shows, this is their first official television show. 

Both old and new, the shows on DC Universe are some of the best comic book shows and movies around - and now they're all available in one place. Now that they're all together, which of all the DC shows and films are best of all of the DC comic book adaptations?