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The Best Current Disney Junior Shows

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Wondering what your kids should watch on Disney Junior? This list of the best current Disney Junior shows has you covered. Disney Channel's popular children's programming block became it's own channel with original and acquires shows featuring entertaining and educational shows that delight kids of all ages. Disney Jr. is a top-rated channel aimed at preschool viewers and families with long-running animated and interactive shows. Here, you'll find every Disney Junior series currently airing, ranked by user votes. If you're wondering what's showing on Disney Junior right now, and which shows are the best, look no further.

What are some current shows on Disney Junior you may want to check out? Disney Junior classics Chuggington and PJ Masks are still airing new episodes. For more fun Disney Junior cartoons check out Mira, Royal Detective and Muppet Babies.

With so many great Disney Junior shows on now, it's hard to pick just one as the best of the best. Vote your favorite current Disney Junior shows to the top of the list!

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  • Photo: Bluey / ABC Kids
    Bluey (ABC Kids, 2018) is an Australian preschool animation series created by Joe Brumm. The show follows Bluey, an anthropomorphic six-year-old Blue Heeler puppy who is characterized by her abundance of energy, imagination and curiosity of the world.  ...more
    • Actors: David McCormack, Melanie Zanetti, Charlotte Stent
    • Premiered: October 1, 2018
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  • Puppy Dog Pals (previously titled Puppy Dog Tails) is an American computer-animated children's television series created by Harland Williams. Puppy Dog Pals is about brothers Bingo and Rolly, two puppies who have fun travelling around their neighborhood when their owner Bob leaves home. They also have a cat sister named Hissy, and a robot dog named ARF.  ...more
    • Actors: Issac Ryan Brown, Harland Williams, Jessica DiCicco, Sam Lavagnino, Tom Kenny
    • Premiered: 2017
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  • Mickey Mouse Funhouse (Disney Jr, 2021) is an American animation comedy children series created by Phil Weinstein and Thomas Hart. The series follows Mickey Mouse, his friends, and Funny, an enchanted talking playhouse, who takes the group on adventures of all types to unique worlds that inspire the imagination.  ...more
    • Actors: Bret Iwan, Kaitlyn Robrock, Tony Anselmo
    • Premiered: July 16, 2021

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  • Photo: Vampirina / Disney Junior
    Vampirina (Disney Junior, 2017) is an American-Irish computer-animated Halloween fantasy musical television series created by Anne Marie Pace and Chris Nee, based on the book series. A young vampire (Isabella Cramp) adjusts to her new life after she and her family move from Transylvania to Pennsylvania to open a local bed and breakfast called the Scare B&B for visiting ghouls (including vampires) and goblins.  ...more
    • Actors: Isabella Cramp, Lauren Graham, James van der Beek, Mitchell Whitfield, Wanda Sykes
    • Premiered: 2017
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