The Best Current E! Shows

Wondering what to watch on E!? Here are the best E! shows on now. Love it or hate it, celebrity life is a staple of United States popular culture and E! programming reflects that collective obsession. If you want to spend a day living vicariously through the rich and the famous, browse this list of current E! programs to find the perfect indulgence. 

Keeping Up with the Kardashians was by far the most popular E! series, but currently airing shows are also gaining traction on the network. Total Bellas follows the lives of Brie and Nikki Bella as they navigate the difficulties of love and dating when you're in the public eye. The latest iteration of the WAGS franchise - the term an acronym for "Wives And Girlfriends of Famous Athletes" - showcases the trials and tribulations of being romantically entwined with a sports star. Other good E! talk shows - like We Have Issues and Busy Tonightare worth checking out as well. 

What is the best E! show on now? Vote your favorites to the top of the list to decide. 

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