The Best Current GSN Shows

Wondering what to watch on GSN? Game shows have been a staple of the airwaves since the dawn of television, so it's no wonder there are still so many currently airing programs that fall under the umbrella of the genre. If you love playing along with contestants as they try to solve puzzles, answer questions, or decipher clues, this list of GSN programs should help you find the right show for you! 

Some GSN series definitely fall under the guilty pleasure category. Jerry Springer - notorious for his intentionally trashy programming - hosts the GSN original Baggage. In this dating show, contestants reveal their biggest secrets to prospective romantic matches. If you want something a little more intellectually stimulating, you can try logic shows like Chain Reaction or trivia programs like Cash Cab. Not all current shows on GSN are game shows, however. The documentary Cover Story tells the true story of a man who rigged the lottery and ended up in prison. Other GSN shows on now include The Chase, Family Feud, and Card Sharks

Which popular GSN show is the best? Vote your favorites to the top of the list below! 

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  • America Says

    America Says

    John Michael Higgins
    121 votes
    • Premiered: 2018
  • The Chase

    The Chase

    Mark Labbett
    84 votes
    • Premiered: 2013
    The Chase is a British television quiz show, broadcast on ITV and hosted by Bradley Walsh. Contestants play against an opponent, known as the "Chaser", who plays for the bank. The Chasers are Anne ...more
  • Cash Cab

    Cash Cab

    Ben Bailey
    81 votes
    • Premiered: 2005
    Cash Cab is a TV game show devised by Adam Wood that originated in the United Kingdom and has been licensed to television networks in numerous other countries. Passengers in a specially outfitted ...more
  • Wheel of Fortune
    Pat Sajak, Vanna White, Charlie O'Donnell
    60 votes
    • Premiered: January 6, 1975
    In a classic game-show version of "Hangman," contestants solve word puzzles for cash and prizes.

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  • Chain Reaction
    Bill Cullen, Johnny Gilbert, Geoff Edwards
    68 votes
    • Premiered: 1980
    Chain Reaction is an American game show created by Bob Stewart, in which players compete to form chains composed of two-word phrases. The show aired three separate runs: Bill Cullen hosted the ...more
  • Common Knowledge

    Common Knowledge

    Joey Fatone
    72 votes
    • Premiered: 2019