The Best Current Historical Drama Series Airing Now

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These are the best current historical drama series, ranked from best to worst by user votes. From some good current historical drama TV shows that are espionage thrillers, to others that are ultra-violent and action-packed. What show do you think is the greatest current historical drama?

What shows will you find on this best current historical drama series list? Hulu's historical drama show The Great takes a dramatic look at the life of Catherine the Great, with Elle Fanning as the titular Empress of All Russia. Peaky Blinders is one of many other good period dramas currently airing on television and is considered one of the best historical dramas of the past decade.

Other great shows that appear on this top current historical drama series list include the English series The Crown, Outlander, and Call The Midwife, so make sure to give your favorites a thumbs up!