The Best Current History Shows

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Wondering what to watch on History? This list of the best current History shows has you covered. While the network's occasionally criticized for its rather liberal definition of the term "history," these current shows on History have nevertheless struck a chord with audiences. Whether historically accurate or not, these programs have fans captivated. Here, you'll find every History series currently airing, ranked by user votes. If you're wondering what's showing on History right now, and which shows are the best, look no further.

hat are some current shows on History you may want to check out? Some of the best History shows are reality or documentary style programming. The ever popular Pawn Stars deals with old, intriguing objects bought and sold at a Las Vegas pawn shop. Ancient Aliens - often spoofed in popular culture - explores conspiracy theories surrounding the possibility aliens once lived on earth and had an effect on early humans. Whether you want an informative series or a guilty pleasure, there are plenty of shows on now to meet your needs. 

With so many great History shows on now, it's hard to pick just one as the best of the best. Vote your favorite current History shows to the top of the list!

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