The Best Current Late Night Shows

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Only shows currently airing new episodes during the traditional "Late Night" block of 11 PM to 2 AM local time.

Late-night TV has maybe never been better! There’s a lot of funny and intense stuff happening after hours and lots more room to be loose with the irreverence and content. Late-night shows also tend to be a bit open to booze and sass, a great way to blow off steam, and slip off into dreamland with a warm smirk on your face. Late-night TV shows have changed over the years, and current shows airing during this time are living it up in the digital era, with digital shorts, viral clips, and interviews that have people talking at the water cooler for days after they air.

So what’s your favorite current late-night show? Do you stay up for your late-night talk shows or catch up on the clips the next day? Are you into late-night comedy shows or is it all about the talk? Random reunions of your favorite old TV cast members? Or Harrison Ford doing bits with Chewbacca?

There's a certain kind of magic to late-night comedy shows and late-night talk shows. After the family goes to bed, the late-night lineup sizzles and pops with sketch comedy, lip sync battles, mean tweets, pranks, and carpool karaoke. The NBC comedy Late Night with Seth Meyers has become a great source of viral videos. James Corden and Stephen Colbert both host some of the best current CBS shows. And between Jimmy Kimmel, Samantha Bee, Trevor Noah, Jimmy Fallon, and John Oliver, the Internet gets a steady stream of memorable moments and funny clips.

So, which of these current late-night series makes your must-watch late-night shows list? Vote up the current late-night shows you think are the best on now and see where your favorites rank.