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The Best Current Legal TV Shows

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These are the best current legal TV shows, ranked from best to worst by user votes. The best current legal TV shows find drama in a variety of legal cases as well as through the main characters' personal lives. Some great current legal series follow the story from the lawyer's point of view while others give the judge's perspective. There are even some good current legal TV shows that tell their stories by incorporating the Detectives working he case.

What are some of the shows that appear on this best current legal TV series list? Since premiering in 1996, Judge Judy has become must-see television for any fan of reality law shows. Judge Judith Sheindlin's no-nonsense approach to justice has helped her to become a worldwide celebrity. The Good Fight, a spin-off of The Good Wife, is another good legal showing currently airing on television.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit follows every aspect of the legal proceedings from the investigation to the arrest to the courtroom. Other good shows that are featured on this top current legal TV series list include Bull, Better Call Saul and Chrissy's Court.

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