The Best Current Lifetime Shows

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Wondering what to watch on Lifetime? Here are the best Lifetime shows on now. The network is mostly known for its over-the-top, original films, but Lifetime also airs a variety of series. Lifetime programming is, naturally, women oriented, but ranges greatly in terms of tone, content, and intended audience. From reality television to docuseries to scripted dramas, there's plenty currently airing on Lifetime for a diverse range of TV fans to enjoy. 

What's on Lifetime right now? If you have a love/hate relationship with Lifetime films - especially the ones based on a true story - check out the documentary series Surviving R. KellyLove reality? There are plenty of reality programs for your viewing pleasure. Big Women: Big Love is a dating show featuring exclusively plus-size women on the hunt for romance. Dance Moms features mothers pushing their children to succeed in the world of competitive dance. With so many popular Lifetime chose to peruse, you're bound to find something that suits your tastes. 

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