Best Current Men's Tennis Serves

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Best Tennis Serves, Ranked By Power, Finesse, and Overall Effectiveness

A pivotal element to developing a dominant all-around tennis game is unquestionably having a powerful serve. This list consists of the best current men's tennis serves, taking into account the fastest tennis serves from guys like John Isner, Ivo Karlovic, and Milos Raonic, as well as the best spin serves from players such as Roger Federer and Gilles Muller. Many of the players on this list also possess some of the best men's tennis serves of all time.

Go ahead and vote for who you think has the current best men's tennis serves. After you're done, head on over and vote on who you think has the best current women's tennis serves. Some tennis players rely on power and some rely on finesse, but who is the true best?

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  • Nick Kyrgios
    122 votes

    An enigmatic talent, Nick Kyrgios has a penchant for attracting attention both on and off the court, making waves in the tennis world with his incredible athleticism and polarizing personality. Hailing from Australia, Kyrgios has dazzled crowds and frustrated opponents with his skillful touch and powerful serves, which have been clocked as high as 220 km/h. A masterful shotmaker, Kyrgios can leave fans gasping in amazement with his ability to hit seemingly impossible shots, showcasing his uncanny instinct, bravery, and imagination on the court.

  • Matteo Berrettini
    39 votes

    Matteo Berrettini


    Italy's Matteo Berrettini has quickly become one of the tour's most feared servers, consistently delivering the kind of powerful and precise aces that have propelled him up the ATP rankings. Known for his distinctive service motion, where he tosses the ball high above his head before striking it with a thunderous crack, Berrettini's serve has become one of his most potent weapons. Off the court, his humble demeanor and hardworking attitude have endeared him to fans and fellow players alike, making this young Italian a rising star worth watching.

  • Karen Khachanov
    28 votes

    Karen Khachanov


    Russian powerhouse Karen Khachanov has quickly established himself as one of the most exciting prospects in men's tennis, thanks in large part to his ferocious serving and aggressive baseline play. Standing at 6'6'', Khachanov uses his formidable frame to great effect, regularly unleashing booming serves and devastating groundstrokes that leave opponents scrambling. Equally adept on all surfaces, the young star has made impressive strides in recent years, demonstrating that he possesses the tools and the tenacity to make a lasting impact in the sport.

  • Gaël Monfils
    76 votes

    As one of the most electrifying talents in men's tennis, France's Gaël Monfils has long been a fan favorite, captivating audiences with his thrilling athleticism and boundless creativity on the court. Few players can match Monfils' ability to go from defense to offense in the blink of an eye, allowing him to pull off stunning winners that leave spectators and opponents shaking their heads in disbelief. With a booming serve and a flair for the dramatic, Monfils has become synonymous with excitement, ensuring that his matches are always must-see events.

  • Milos Raonic
    74 votes

    Among the many talented Canadians currently dominating the men's game, Milos Raonic stands out for his exceptional serving prowess and unrelenting power. With a towering 6'5" frame, Raonic generates blistering pace on his serves, often reaching speeds well over 200 km/h. This powerful service game combined with his lethal forehand and relentless work ethic have made Raonic a formidable force on the ATP Tour, cementing his status as one of the game's most dangerous players.

  • Marin Čilić
    53 votes

    Marin Čilić


    Croatian sensation Marin Čilić has long been considered one of the toughest competitors on tour, thanks in large part to his devastating serve and aggressive playstyle. At 6'6", Čilić is blessed with a formidable combination of power, precision, and finesse, enabling him to dictate points and dictate matches. As one of the rare players who can excel on all surfaces, Čilić remains a constant threat at the highest level, proving time and time again that he has the game and the grit to compete with the very best.