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Who are the best current MLB catchers? The greatest current catchers playing in Major League Baseball include some veteran names, and some relative newcomers. These catchers are judged on many factors, including how well they call the game, the number of runners they catch stealing and certainly, their overall batting average and number of home runs. Either way, they are certainly among the top current baseball players in the game. Vote for the MLB catchers that you think are having the best seasons, vote down any who are under performing and, of course, feel free to rerank this list in any order you like.

Big current MLB catchers include veterans like Buster Posey and Yadier Molina, alongside some great young catchers like Gary Sanchez and Willson Contreras, among many others. Each and every one of the MLB catchers on this list have made their mark, whether it's by hitting tons of home runs, making sure baserunners don't take that extra base, or by calling amazing games. Being a catcher isn't easy—you have to have the perfect combination of athleticism and intelligence to become one of the greats. So, who do you think are the best catchers in the MLB right now? Could some of them be the best MLB catchers of all time?

Check out the list of top catchers currently playing and cast your votes for the very best. For more great baseball lists, check out and vote on these lists of the best current MLB pitchers or the greatest overall baseball players of all time.

Most divisive: Gary Sánchez
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  • J.T. Realmuto
    Philadelphia Phillies
    1,130 votes
    • Position: Catcher
    • Birthplace: Del City, Oklahoma
    • Bats: Right

    J.T. Realmuto has rapidly risen through the ranks and is now considered by many as one of the most formidable catchers in the league. With his remarkable athleticism and exceptional game-calling abilities, he strikes fear into the hearts of opposing pitchers and consistently keeps base runners on their toes. His intense work ethic, unwavering focus, and sheer determination have not only made him an indispensable asset to his team, but also an inspiration to upcoming catchers who aspire for greatness.

  • Will Smith

    Will Smith

    Los Angeles Dodgers
    301 votes
    • Position: Catcher
    • Birthplace: Louisville, Kentucky
    • Bats: Right

    Will Smith's meteoric ascent in the world of baseball can be attributed to his immense power at the plate, coupled with his strong defensive skills behind it. Although fairly new to the scene, he has already displayed an uncanny ability to adapt and improve, making him a force to be reckoned with. Known for his quick reflexes and agility, Smith leaves no stone unturned in his quest to become one of the best catchers the MLB has ever seen.

  • Yadier Molina
    St. Louis Cardinals
    1,820 votes
    • Position: Catcher
    • Birthplace: Bayamón, Puerto Rico
    • Bats: Right-handed

    A veteran among catchers, Yadier Molina has spent his illustrious career demonstrating time and again why he's one of the best to ever don the catcher's gear. Renowned for his game-changing defensive prowess and unmatched skill in mentoring younger pitchers, Molina's contributions to the sport cannot be overstated. As he nears the end of his storied career, his continued dedication to perfecting his craft serves as a testament to the dedication and passion that exemplify his unique place in MLB history.

  • Willson Contreras
    Chicago Cubs
    1,002 votes
    • Position: Catcher
    • Birthplace: Puerto Cabello, Venezuela
    • Bats: Right

    Brimming with enthusiasm and raw talent, Willson Contreras has quickly made a name for himself as a top-notch catcher in today's MLB landscape. His fiery presence on the field, coupled with his ability to adapt and adjust to different pitching styles, has made him an integral part of his team's success. Armed with a cannon for an arm and an ever-burning drive to compete, Contreras continually pushes the envelope in search of new ways to cement his status among the game's elite catchers.

  • Sean Murphy

    Sean Murphy

    Oakland Athletics
    161 votes
    • Position: Catcher
    • Birthplace: Peekskill, New York
    • Bats: Right

    Sean Murphy has bloomed into one of the most promising young catchers in the MLB, thanks to his innate ability to strike fear into opposing pitchers with his intimidating presence at the plate. Coupled with his sharp defensive instincts and exceptional pitch-framing skills, Murphy's rise to stardom seems all but inevitable. As he continues to refine his game and cement himself as a preeminent backstop, there's no telling just how high Murphy's star will rise.

  • Salvador Pérez
    Kansas City Royals
    1,099 votes
    • Position: Catcher
    • Birthplace: Valencia, Venezuela
    • Bats: Right

    Salvador Pérez is synonymous with absolute dominance in the world of MLB catchers. With his powerful swing and unwavering commitment to defense, he has consistently proven himself as one of the most well-rounded catchers in the league. Pérez's infectious energy and tireless drive to improve have not only left a lasting impact on his team but have inspired countless up-and-coming players to strive for the same brand of excellence.