The Best Current MLB Closers

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From the hardest throwers to strikeout leaders, who's the best closer in the MLB right now?

Notching saves and solidifying wins for the starting pitcher (and their team), MLB closers play an important role in baseball. Not only must they come in and shut things down late in the game, but they're also expected to do it as quick as possible—avoiding baserunners and walks. Nevertheless, the best current closers in baseball do it on a regular basis, and that's why they hold such an key spot in the roster. Of all the top pitchers playing today, though, who closes things out better than the rest? 

Easily topping the list of best current closers are Kenley Jansen and Craig Kimbrel, as they're two of the most lights-out pitchers in the game right now—even among starters. Then you have Aroldis Chapman of the Yankees, who's one of the hardest throwing pitchers in the league—lest we forget Wade Davis, Blake Treinen. and phenom Edwin Diaz. Of course, these are far from the only closing pitchers shining in the MLB right now. Who do you think is the best current closer in baseball?

Vote up your top choices for best closers below and feel free to add others who may be missing from the list. 

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