The Best Current MLB First Basemen

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Whether you're working on your fantasy baseball roster or simply staying updated with the 2021 MLB rankings, this list of the best MLB first basemen currently playing will prove to be quite useful. Baseball fans, cast your votes for the players best at covering first base, having quick reflexes, and specializing in defense. Who are the best current first basemen in major league baseball today?

All-Star and Gold Glove Award winner Paul Goldschmidt definitely ranks in the top 10 first basemen, along with Cincinnati Reds' Joey Votto and Atlanta Braves's Freddie Freeman. Other good MLB first basemen right now include Anthony Rizzo, Cody Bellinger, Jose Abreu, and Brandon Belt. 

Vote for who you think are the best MLB first basemen currently playing in the league today, and feel free to add any players who are missing from the list. 

Photo: Sideonecincy / Wikimedia Commons
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