The Best Left-Handed Pitchers Currently in the MLB

Left-handed pitchers have long been the downfall of a many a batter in baseball. Whether batters struggle to locate the ball before it leaves the pitcher's hand or those curveballs coming from the opposite side are just too tough to hit, lefties often dominate from the mound. Moreover, the best left-handed pitchers in baseball right now are some of the top pitchers in the game, period. From starting aces to lights-out closers, these southpaws are serious forces to be reckoned with–and they prove it pitch after pitch.

When you think of the best current left-handed pitchers, you think Clayton Kershaw, Chris Sale, and Arodlis Chapman. Sure, there are plenty of other dominate lefties on the mound right now, but these three have been running things for years. Nevertheless, fellow left handers like David Price, Madison Bumgarner, and Hyun-jin Ryu are all equally as feared by batters—and many of these guys could go down as the greatest left-handed pitchers ever. Of all these aces, however, who do you think is the best lefty pitcher currently playing in the MLB? Could they join the ranks of best pitchers of all time?

Check out the list of current left-handed MLB pitchers below and vote up the hurlers you think are at the top of their class. You can also add other lefties to the list if you think they deserve it.

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