The Best Current MLB Managers

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Who are the best MLB Managers right now? The best current baseball coaches, as ranked by baseball fans, have a lot of responsibility in the game of pro-baseball. MLB managers choose the batting order and starting pitcher before each game and make substitutions throughout the game. They make decisions regarding relievers, pinch-hitters and defensive replacements, while maintaining strategic control over the game. But what matters most for the top MLB managers right now is, do they win? So, who is the best current MLB manager? What MLB managers do you love?

Many people would consider either one of the two-time World Series champion managers, Terry Francona and Joe Maddon, to be the best in dugout. Then, there's recent World Series winners, such as Dave Roberts of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Dave Martinez of the Washington Nationals, Alex Cora of the Boston Red Sox, and 2021 World Series winner Brian Snitker of the Atlanta Braves.

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  • Terry Francona
    Cleveland Guardians
    547 votes

    Terry Francona, widely regarded as one of the most strategic and respected managers in the game, has made an indelible impact on the sport of baseball. Known for his keen ability to manage a wide variety of player personalities, Francona has guided two teams to World Series titles, cementing his legacy as a winning manager. Furthermore, his unwavering commitment to creating a positive clubhouse culture and fostering young talent has not only produced perennial contenders but also earned him the admiration of fans and fellow managers alike.

  • Kevin Cash
    Tampa Bay Rays
    269 votes

    Kevin Cash's meteoric rise as a top baseball manager can be attributed to his open-minded approach to innovation, along with his dedication to the development of his players. Embracing modern analytics and incorporating them into game strategy, Cash has consistently pushed the envelope, leading to impressive feats such as pioneering the "opener" pitching strategy. His forward-thinking mentality, coupled with excellent communication skills, has helped his team exceed expectations on a regular basis and solidified his status as a highly sought-after managerial mind.

  • Brian Snitker

    Brian Snitker

    Atlanta Braves
    229 votes

    A true player's manager, Brian Snitker has gained widespread recognition for his unwavering support and faith in his roster, nurturing a culture of trust and camaraderie within his team. His knack for maximizing the potential of both veteran players and rising stars has led his team to steady success and multiple playoff appearances. With a genuine love for the game, Snitker's strong leadership and motivational skills have earned him the respect of those around him, proving he's a force to be reckoned with among his managerial peers.

  • Craig Counsell
    Milwaukee Brewers
    243 votes

    A former player turned innovative manager, Craig Counsell has garnered praise for his ability to think outside the box and adapt to the constantly changing landscape of baseball. His creative approach to game strategy, such as employing unconventional lineups and bullpen usage, has led to consistent success and a reputation as a forward-thinker. By blending his unique ideas with an unyielding determination to succeed, Counsell has solidified his status as one of the brightest minds in today's game.

  • Bruce Bochy
    San Francisco Giants
    372 votes

    A legendary figure with an illustrious career, Bruce Bochy boasts a wealth of knowledge and experience few can rival. Renowned for his innate ability to lead and motivate his teams to achieve great success, Bochy's legacy is written in the annals of baseball history. Embodying the qualities of a true baseball lifer – passion, commitment, and resilience – Bochy stands among the greatest managers the sport has ever seen.

  • Dusty Baker
    Houston Astros
    227 votes

    As one of the most experienced and respected managers in the sport today, Dusty Baker's wealth of knowledge and deep understanding of the game are virtually unmatched. With a storied career that includes managing numerous playoff teams, Baker's calming presence and steady hand have guided many squads through turbulent times. Known for his ability to build strong relationships with his players, Baker's unwavering commitment to fostering a harmonious clubhouse has made him a revered figure in the eyes of both fans and colleagues alike.