The Best Mascots in Major League Baseball

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Baseball mascots are a staple of the all-American game. Are they corny? Of course! But when sports fans are in the moment - reveling in the game they love - anything and everything that screams "Go team!" is fantastic. While sweating in a giant mascot suit is undoubtedly a daunting task, someone has to do it! The best MLB mascots are necessary to get fans riled up between innings and foster some team spirit. Here, you'll find a list of current mascots in Major League Baseball, ranked by your votes. The NY Yankees and the two LA teams, Dodgers and Angels, are the only three teams without official mascots. 

For some teams, it's easy to translate their name into a physical being. There's Ace the Bluejay of the Toronto Blue Jays, Clark the Bear of the Chicago Cubs, and Fredbird the Cardinal of the St. Louis Cardinals. Other teams have to get a little creative. The New York Mets, for example, are a nod to the The New York Metropolitan Baseball Club, which is not really a tangible entity. Therefore, the Mets adopted "Mr. Met," essentially an anthropomorphic baseball. Of course, there are also those mascots that don't make any sense. Why are the Arizona Diamondbacks - named for a type of snake - represented by Baxter the Bobcat? And the Tampa Bay rays are named for the devil ray stingray, and yet their mascot is the tuxedo cat DJ Kitty. A little odd, yes, but the fans seem into it! 

What are the best MLB mascots right now? Vote for your favorite mascots, the cutest, or funniest mascots in baseball. Cast your vote to help decide below! 

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