The Best Current MLB Second Basemen

Whether you're working on your fantasy baseball roster or simply staying updated with the 2021 MLB rankings, this list of the best MLB second basemen currently playing will prove to be quite useful. Baseball fans, cast your votes for the players best at covering second base, executing double plays, and specializing in defense. Who are the best current second basemen in major league baseball today?

Perennial All-Star José Altuve of the Houston Astros definitely ranks in the top 10 second basemen, along with Jonathan Schoop and Ozzie Albies. Other good MLB second basemen right now include Jean Segura, Marcus Semien, Starlin Castro, and Jonathan India. 

Vote for who you think are the best MLB second basemen currently playing in the league today and feel free to add any players who are missing from the list. 

Ranked by
  • Ozzie Albies
    Atlanta Braves
    289 votes
    • Position: Second Baseman
    • Birthplace: Willemstad, Curaçao
    • Bats: Switch

    In the world of MLB second basemen, Ozzie Albies stands out as an offensive powerhouse with a flair for the dramatic. This switch-hitting dynamo, a true rarity in baseball, consistently delivers jaw-dropping highlights, whether it's smacking game-winning hits or flashing the leather with dazzling defensive plays. With his infectious enthusiasm and unwavering dedication to honing his craft, Albies ensures his name will remain synonymous with elite second basemen for years to come.

  • Jose Altuve
    Houston Astros
    419 votes
    • Position: Second baseman
    • Birthplace: Maracay, Venezuela
    • Bats: Right

    José Altuve has solidified his place among the best second basemen in the MLB by virtue of his unparalleled work ethic and determination. With his compact frame and lightning-quick swing, this scrappy Venezuelan has routinely shattered expectations by driving opposing pitchers mad with his uncanny ability to find the sweet spot on the ball. As a masterful baserunner and an ever-present menace on the basepaths, Altuve's impact on the game cannot be overstated.

  • Marcus Semien
    Cleveland Indians
    269 votes
    • Position: Second Base, Shortstop
    • Birthplace: San Francisco, California
    • Bats: Right

    Marcus Semien has blossomed into an invaluable asset for the MLB as a second baseman who brings versatility, consistency, and a competitive edge to every game. A natural team leader, Semien commands respect both on and off the field, blending a cerebral approach to hitting with remarkable defensive instincts. As a proven clutch performer in high-pressure situations, Semien's reputation as a top-tier middle infielder will only continue to grow.

  • Jazz Chisholm
    Miami Marlins
    92 votes
    • Position: Second Baseman
    • Birthplace: Nassau, Bahamas
    • Bats: Left

    Displaying an electrifying fusion of speed, power, and unbridled passion, Jazz Chisholm has quickly become a must-watch attraction in the MLB. Known for his flashy style and an unmistakable swagger, Chisholm injects excitement into every play, whether it's unleashing a mammoth home run or making acrobatic stops on the field. With an insatiable appetite for improvement and a seemingly boundless reserve of energy, Chisholm is poised to redefine the role of the modern second baseman.

  • D. J. LeMahieu
    New York Yankees
    334 votes
    • Position: Second Baseman
    • Birthplace: Visalia, California
    • Bats: Right

    D.J. LeMahieu consistently demonstrates his aptitude as an elite second baseman through his innate ability to impact a game in countless ways. With a smooth, effortless swing that leads to frequent hard contact, LeMahieu regularly showcases the art of line-drive hitting while providing solid defense at multiple positions. Possessing a tireless drive to refine his skills, it's no wonder LeMahieu is widely regarded as one of the most complete players at his position.

  • Kolten Wong
    Milwaukee Brewers
    180 votes
    • Position: Second Baseman
    • Birthplace: Hilo, Hawaii
    • Bats: Left

    Kolten Wong stands out among MLB second basemen with his relentless commitment to defensive excellence, frequently turning potential hits into spectacular outs. Combining a keen understanding of the game with lightning-fast reflexes, Wong's glove work is nothing short of extraordinary. As a steady presence in the batter's box and a threat on the basepaths, Wong's overall contributions make him an invaluable asset on any team.