The Best Current MLB Shortstops

Whether you're working on your fantasy baseball roster or simply staying updated with the 2021 MLB rankings, this list of the best MLB shortstops currently playing will prove to be quite useful. Also rather useful, the shortstop position, which on average receives the most baseballs coming their way, requiring a top notch player's focus and quick reflexes. Baseball fans, cast your votes for the players best at covering ground balls, protecting second base, and specializing in defense. Who are the best current shortstops in major league baseball today? 

Fresh off a World Series win, Carlos Correa from the Houston Astros definitely ranks in the top 10 shortstops, along with Washington Nationals's Trea Turner and New York Mets' Francisco Lindor. Other good MLB shortstops right now include Corey Seager, Javier Baez, Fernando Tatis Jr., and Didi Gregorius. 

Vote for who you think are the best MLB shortstops currently playing in the league today. Make sure to also vote for the best current outfielders in the MLB. Such a demanding position also demands some recognition.

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