The Best Current MLB Utility Players

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From making plays in the infield to diving catches in the outfield, and even slugging homers, who are the best utility players in baseball right now?

Utility players have an interesting role in the MLB, and it's not an easy one. The best utility players in baseball can play nearly any position (with the exception of pitcher), and they're also expected to contribute in the batting lineup—and some are even the top hitters in baseball. Whether they're making diving plays alongside leading outfielders or turning two at second base, the top MLB utility players may not always have a place on the field, but they're key players nonetheless.

When it comes to a list of the best current MLB utility players, guys like D.J. LeMahieu, Ketel Marte, and Ian Happ are certainly making it toward the top. Yet you also have to consider the ever-versatile Marwin Gonzalez and slugger David Fletcher, among many other players who can perform almost anywhere they're put on the field. Who do you think are the top utility players in baseball right now? Kike Hernández? Charlie Culberson? 

Take a look at the list of best utility players currently in the MLB and vote up the guys you think are the most versatile. You can also add others that may be missing from the list.

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