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The Most Clutch Players In The NBA Right Now

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Who are the best clutch players currently in the NBA? Certainly, this list includes some of the clutchest players playing right now, and potentially some of the top NBA players of all time. Check out these lists of best (worst) current floppers and best current three-point shooters, along with the greatest NBA scorers playing today. Having an awesome clutch player gives any NBA team a huge advantage.

The most clutch players who are currently playing in the NBA are certainly among the overall top current NBA players too (LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Kawhi Leonard, and Joe Johnson come to mind immediately). 

The highly skilled NBA players on this list can make or break a team's performance on the court. They are dependable players who manage the clock efficiently before making the buzzer beaters. These clutch players are expert ball handlers who are able to shoot off the dribble or catch and shoot behind the three-point line. 

Vote for the current clutch players that you think are the most important, key players for their respective teams, and if your favorite player isn't listed, add him. You can also re-rank this list of NBA clutch players in any order you want.

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