The Oldest NBA Players Still Playing Today, Ranked

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Only current NBA players age 35 and over

With the average age of an NBA player being 26.5 years old, the league's veteran players definitely deserve props. Older NBA players lose athleticism and energy, but experience and talent keep them competing with younger players. Seasoned vets also have higher basketball IQs and make great leaders for their teams. Who are the best current NBA veterans playing today? 

Players like LeBron James, Goran Dragic, and Chris Paul have been plying their trade for years, competing at the sport's top level long past the age when many other talented players had hung up their sneakers for the last time. NBA players over 35 are rare, but there are more every year as training and conditioning get better and players extend their careers deeper into their 30s and in some cases 40s (looking at you, Udonis Haslem).

Vote for the best NBA old players currently playing in the league. Keep in mind that the following active NBA veterans are 35 and over and have played at least five seasons. After you're finished with this list, head on over and check out the oldest active NFL players.