The Best Current NBC Drama Shows

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These are the best dramas on NBC, ranked from best to worst by your votes. Some good current NBC drama shows follow crime-fighting detectives and others explore the personal lives of relatable families. A few of the greatest current NBC drama shows even feature elements of sci-fi.

What shows will you find on this best current NBC dramas list? Returning to the force and our screens after years away, Detective Elliot Stabler is back in the latest entry in the Law & Order franchise - Law & Order: Organized Crime. The Blacklist is another good drama show currently airing on NBC. Like many NBC favorites, the best NBC dramas are also now available on Peacock.

Chicago Med is the latest NBC series to use The Windy City as a setting for big drama. Other great shows that appear on this top current NBC dramas list include Nurses, Transplant and the Chicago franchise.

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