Who's the Best Goalie in the NHL Right Now?

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Risking it all each time they take their position, the best NHL goalies are some tough dudes. Hockey is a scary sport as it is, but being in front of the net with pucks flying at you over 100 mph is a completely different story. Nevertheless, the top goalies in the NHL right now get in there every game, using their sticks, gloves, and bodies to block anything they can. Sure, they've got more protection than anyone on the ice, but that doesn't make the position much less terrifying. Of all the top hockey players taking one (or 20) for their team each game, who do you think are the best NHL goalies playing today?

Whether you're talking veteran goaltenders like Marc-Andre Fleury and Jonathan Quick or young star Connor Hellebuyck, some of these ultimate defensemen will go down as the greatest NHL goalies of all time. For now, however, they're battling it out to be the top NHL goalies currently playing. Of course, there are plenty of current NHL goalies giving them a serious run for their money, including Pekka Rinne, Braden Holtby, and Tuukka Rask, among others. Leading the league in saves and putting it all on the line every time they step on the ice, these are the best goalies in hockey right now. 

Who's your top choice for the best NHL goalie currently playing? Check out the list of top goalies below and vote up your favorites. You can also vote others down to get your guy to the top. 

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