The Best Current NHL Players

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Only active hockey players in the NHL right now

The best current NHL players are not just the league-leading skaters and goaltenders in the league right now but also some of the best hockey players in the world. These players are consistently leading their teams in statistical categories and in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

As the NHL's golden child and fan favorite NHL player, Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins is seen by many as the best current NHL player. The young star quickly made his mark in the league by leading the Penguins to the Stanley Cup Championship in 2009 at the age of 21, the youngest captain to ever do so. He had a little help though with Evgeni Malkin, who also makes this list, serving as the Conn Smythe Trophy winner as the MVP of the playoffs.

But there are many more great current NHL players in the league besides those playing in Pittsburgh. Steven Stamkos, Alexander Giroux, Alexander Ovechkin, Pavel Datsyuk, Zdeno Chara and Jonathan Toews are all among the elite forwards and defensemen in the NHL right now. In net, Jonathan Quick and Jimmy Howard are seen as the top NHL goaltenders right now.

Who do you think are the top NHL players in the league right now? The better question might be will these current hockey players be remembered among the best NHL players of all time? Have your say and vote for your favorites for the 2018-2019 season, add those not listed or re-rank this list of the best current NHL players!

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