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The Best Current PBS Kids Shows

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Wondering what to watch on PBS Kids? If you have young children, you're likely looking for some family friendly programming. Luckily, PBS has been known for decades as a network that produces popular kids shows that are both entertaining and educational. If you're in need of some great recommendations, this list of PBS kids programs should help! 

What are some current shows on PBS Kids? Sesame Street - which has been on the air since 1969 - continues to go strong today, explaining difficult topics to children in easy to understand ways while also teaching important skills and facts. Cartoons like Arthur and Peg + Cat help inform a child's sense of right and wrong by teaching kids about friendship, family relationships, and interacting with others. Other currently airing shows include Cyberchase, Bob the Builder, and SciGirls. 

Which PBS Kids series is the best? Vote up your favorites below! 

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