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The Best Current Putters in Golf

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Who are the best current putters in golf? Some of the best putters at the moment on the PGA tour are names that will no doubt be quite familiar to golf fans, and a few are considered among the best putters in golf history, current or otherwise. Great putting skills have raised these golfers' rankings on the overall PGA leaderboards, making them major forces to be reckoned with when it counts. Vote for the current putters you think are the best, vote down any that are under-performing and rerank this list in any order you'd like.

Despite yet another second place finish in the 2013 U.S. Open, pro golfer Phil Mickelson proved again why he's among the best golfers ever, with outstanding putting (as of June 2013, Mickelson had a 1.703 putting average). And yes, even though he pulled out of the June 2013 AT&T National because of a sore elbow, up until then he was putting great - with a 1.718 putting average. Both Mickelson and Woods are among the most famous professional golfers in the history of the sport, with good reason. These guys can read the greens like no one else, and each year, they wind up at or near the top of the putters' list (and the overall PGA leaderboards for that matter). Call them great putters; call them the most clutch golfers in history. These two are all-time greats.

Everyone has ups and downs in sports, and some of the younger, lesser-known PGA tour golfers here who are the best current putters won't necessarily make the cut every single time. But the fundamental skill of being an excellent putter will no doubt get them one step closer to the biggest prizes, instead of relegating them to club houses where they'll tell bad golf jokes with their peers.