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The Best Current Shows for Nerds

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This definitive ranking of current shows for nerds in 2020 will guide your inner geeky science lover in the right direction. When it comes to nerd shows, it is hard to top some of the current series on the air right now. Whether you love nerdy tv characters or fantastical high school worlds like Beacon Hills on MTV’s Teen Wolf, this list is for you. Behold your current options for geeky shows that have yet to be canceled and are still pumping out new episodes to the delight of nerdy TV fans everywhere.

Recent years have been great for nerd TV shows, from The CW adapting favorite superheroes (The Flash) to Netflix knowing how to perfectly pluck the strings of nostalgia (Stranger Things). A nerd TV show like Doctor Who or a geeky coding show like Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet have and will continue to blow your minds. 

What does nerd mean to you? Whether you're into science, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, or any other "geeky" genre, the shows on this list are sure to satisfy your inner nerd. Upvote the best shows for nerds below, or add other great television series currently airing that you think other nerds would enjoy.

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