The Best Current TV Shows Starring Movie Stars

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Vote up the best current TV shows that feature actors who are usually in movies. Series must be currently airing new episodes on TV or a streaming service

Between cable, Netflix, and premium channels like HBO and Showtime, there are a lot of high budget shows out there nowadays. Television shows have bigger budgets than ever before and that has brought a lot of Hollywood's most recognizable movie stars to the small screen. Many other big-name movie stars are all currently trying their hand at television shows, most with considerable success.

Current entertainment is so much different than it was just a decade ago and movie stars moving to TV might be a relatively new phenomenon but it's becoming more and more common. Increases in budget and production value, as well as the flexibility of streaming channels, have incentivized movie stars to make the jump and many new shows have at least one movie star on the cast, if not more.

Films used to be in a league of their own. Whether it was actors, special effects, quality, or any number of other elements, it used to be easy to tell the difference between a movie and just another mediocre television show, sometimes from  a single frame. Now, those lines have been seriously blurred. Huge budget shows like The Witcher have proven that shows can be just as good, if not better, than movies. Then add all of the new shows from Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu into the equation and the television show landscape is in completely uncharted territory.

Everywhere you look, there are movie stars on television, so vote up the best shows they're starring in.