The Best Current TV Shows Starring Musicians

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Vote up the best scripted, non-reality, starring musicians that are currently airing new episodes.

Some musicians are true double threats. Not only can they crank out hits that top the charts. They also star in some of your favorite television shows. These are some of the best current TV shows starring musicians you can check out now, so if you are looking for something to watch next, then consider these series. 

Donald Glover is perhaps the best example of this. His acting career began in earnest with a role in Community, and now he stars in Atlanta, one of the best shows airing now. Throughout his time on both of these shows, he put out great albums like Because, the Internet and Awaken, My Love!

There are numerous shows starring rappers, singers, and musicians in the coming year. All of the shows on this list will have new episodes coming out this year, so you can get familiar before diving into your next obsession. If you like how any of these musicians have made the transition to acting, then you should upvote the best shows they are in.