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The Funniest Recent Sitcoms With A Laugh Track

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Vote up the funniest shows that have a laugh track AND have aired new episodes in the past few years.

While laugh tracks aren't necessarily fashionable anymore, some of the funniest current TV shows still employ a laugh track that doesn't take away from the program. The best modern shows with laugh tracks come in many forms. Some funny TV shows with laugh tracks are on streaming services while other good comedies with a laugh track air on network television. Some shows claim that they exclusively use laughter from a live studio audience, but many suspect the aid of canned laughter - especially in recent years as "laugh box" technology has improved.

What shows will you find on this list of the top laugh track TV series? Fuller House, which airs on Netflix, adds to the Tanner family fun with a laugh track in each episode. Other good recent shows that use a laugh track include The Ranch and Man with a Plan and Mom.

So, do you have a favorite comedies that use a laugh track? Vote up the best sitcoms with a laugh track and see what other modern shows have resorted to canned laughter.

Photo: Mystic Soul Fan Art / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0