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Who Are the Best Singers Under 25 Right Now?

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List RulesIf you're adding a singer to the list, be sure they're 24 years old or younger.

The music industry has long been a place for rising young stars—with many of today's top singers under 25 years old. In fact, a great deal of pop singers and stars come to rise long before their 20s. Even the most popular singers of the last few decades hit the scene at a young age. No matter the reason these kids get discovered so young, they'll all be more than established artists as they pass the quarter century mark. And while some may fade away and others will only accelerate through their careers, these are the best singers under 25 right now. Whether you're talking young female singers or top male artists, who do you think has the most talent?  

From the top country artists like Kane Brown to new pop singers such as Zendaya, this list of singers under 25 features a broad range of young sensations—as well as some well-established artists who are still in their prime, including Justin Bieber and Halsey. Then you have kids like Jacob Sartorius and Loren Gray who are still teenagers. In short, all of these great young singers have made a name for themselves in the business, and they could all have long careers ahead of them. Of all the singers on this list of 25 under 25, do you have a favorite?

Check out all the singers under 25 years old below and vote up whoever you think are the best artists out right now. Of course, you can also add others who may be missing from the list, just ensure they're no older than 24. 

  • Jungkook1


    Age: 23
    Jeon Jung-kook (born September 1, 1997), better known mononymously as Jungkook, is a South...  more
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  • Billie Eilish2
    Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O'Connell (born December 18, 2001), known professionally as Billie...  more
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  • Shawn Mendes3
    Shawn Peter Raul Mendes (born August 8, 1998) is a Canadian singer and songwriter. He gained a...  more
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  • Lisa4


    Age: 22
    Lalisa Manoban (born Pranpriya Manoban on March 27, 1997), better known by the mononym Lisa,...  more
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  • Camila Cabello5
    Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao (born March 3, 1997) is a Cuban-American singer and songwriter....  more
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    Age: 42
    Cole Chase Hudson (born May 15, 2002), also known as Lil Huddy, is an Internet celebrity known...  more
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  • Sabrina Carpenter8
    Sabrina Annlynn Carpenter (born May 11, 1999) is an American singer, songwriter, and actress....  more
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  • Zendaya9


    Age: 24
    Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman (; born September 1, 1996) is an American actress and singer....  more
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  • Khalid10


    Age: 22
    Khalid Donnel Robinson (born February 11, 1998), known mononymously as Khalid, is an American...  more
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  • Olivia Rodrigo11
    Olivia Rodrigo is an American actress and singer, who is known for her roles as Paige Olvera...  more
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  • Grace VanderWaal12
    Grace Avery VanderWaal (born January 15, 2004) is an American singer-songwriter from Suffern,...  more
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  • Hailee Steinfeld13
    Hailee Steinfeld (born December 11, 1996) is an American actress and singer. Her breakthrough...  more
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  • Lorde14


    Age: 24
    Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor (born November 7, 1996), known professionally as Lorde, is a...  more
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  • Becky G15

    Becky G

    Age: 23
    Rebbeca Marie Gomez (born March 2, 1997), better known by her stage name Becky G, is an...  more
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  • JooE16


    Age: 21
    Lee Joo-won (born August 18, 1999) is a South Korean singer and a member of the girl group...  more
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  • Yeonwoo17


    Age: 24
    Lee Da-bin (born August 1, 1996) is a South Korean singer and a member of the girl group...  more
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  • Daisy18


    Age: 22
    Yoo Jung-ahn (born January 22, 1999) is a South Korean singer and a member of the girl group...  more
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  • Madison Beer19
    Madison Elle Beer (born March 5, 1999) is an American singer and actress. She gained media...  more
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  • Nayun20


    Age: 22
    Kim Na-yun (born July 31, 1998) is a South Korean singer and a member of the girl group...  more
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  • Jackie Evancho21
    Jacqueline Marie "Jackie" Evancho ( ee-VANG-koh; born April 9, 2000) is an American classical...  more
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  • Hyebin22


    Age: 22
    Lee Hye-bin (born January 12, 1996) is a South Korean singer and a member of the girl group...  more
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  • Rosé23


    Age: 23
    Roseanne Park (born 11 February 1997), better known by the stage name Rosé, is a New Zealand...  more
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  • Tae-ha24


    Age: 22
    Kim Tae-ha (born June 3, 1998) is a South Korean singer and a member of the girl group...  more
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  • Taehyun25


    Age: 18
    Kang Tae-hyun (born February 5, 2002), better known as Taehyun, is a South Korean idol under...  more
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