The Best Current Syfy Shows

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Here are the best Syfy shows currently on now. The SyFy network has been responsible for putting out some stunning SyFy programming over the years, keeping the genre alive and well. Quality science fiction uses fantastic scenarios - usually based on trends in actual science and technology - as analogies for modern dilemmas, debates, and current events. Among all the SyFy shows currently airing, which are your favorites? Which best encapsulate the true spirit of science fiction? 

There have been several comic book shows on SyFy, and the most current is Van Helsing. Many of the shows on SyFy feature people with extraordinary powers, though not always supernatural (or super-heroic) ones, or folks who are simply out of this world, like the protagonist of Resident Alien. SyFy also has blocks of adult animation with TZGZ programming, offering weird and wild cartoons late at night.

If you're looking for SyFy shows on now to watch next, browse this list and find new shows on SyFy. With so many great SyFy shows on now, it's hard to pick just one as the best of the best. Vote your favorite current SyFy shows to the top!