The Current Trashiest TV Shows You Can't Help Loving

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Vote up your favorite low-brow, guilty pleasure shows (reality and scripted) currently airing new episodes.

There's a certain type of entertainment that is universally loved, simple in premise, and so much fun to watch... And yet most people won't admit to watching it. Admit it: You know you love trashy TV. Why? Because those "bad" television shows are your binge-worthy guilty pleasures. They are basically the TV equivalent of eating a Big Mac with fries - oh so delicious, but without any other redeeming qualities. Trashy TV at it's best is easy to follow, delectably low-brow, and undeniably great - as long as you don't overdo it (but even then, sometimes a reality binge-watch is necessary)

Whether it's following all the Real Housewives drama (and with so many shows, there's a lot of it), to watching someone get "catfished" (seriously, how is this still happening?), or trying to guess who is going to hook up with whom on Below Deck, this is the definitive list of trashy shows that you can't help but love. And it's not just reality shows, scripted series can be just as sinfully delicious, like Grey's Anatomy and Riverdale (so perfect, so trashy, so surreal).

There's something so addicting and refreshing about losing yourself completely in a show, especially when you don't have to follow too closely in order to enjoy them at the end of a stressful day. So, which are the best trasy shows? Vote up the trashy shows you think are the best and see where the garbage shows you love rank.


Photo: Below Deck Mediterranean / Bravo
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